What is Fixed Wireless Internet?

What does “fixed wireless” mean? Fixed wireless refers to wireless systems that are situated in fixed locations, like an office or a home. The signal transmissions occur through the air rather than through cables, therefore fixed wireless internet does not require local telephone or cable television service.

BTInet’s Fixed Wireless Internet service provides high-speed Internet access to areas surrounding Bismarck/Mandan. We will come to your home or office to do a free signal check to verify that you will be able to receive the service. If your signal is strong enough, one of our technicians will mount a small antenna on your house to pick up the signal from one of our many tower locations. The antenna is then connected to either a PC or wireless router in your home.

“I live in Bismarck, why can I not get the service?” 

In town there is too much interference for a good signal to one of our towers and most likely you are too far from our tower. We can only offer you service if you have a good line of sight to our tower and you are not 10+ miles away.

 “I can see one of your towers, so why can’t I get the service?”

At times people can see the tower from their home or office, but our equipment on the tower is on the wrong side for them.  Unfortunately, the equipment does not provide service in a full circle around the tower.

For more information about our Fixed Wireless Internet Service, visit our Website.


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