Employees Get ‘Engaged’

A couple of BTInet’s employees were able to take part in the WebTrends Engage 2010 Conference down in New Orleans this past month.  I am confident some of you are pondering “What is WebTrends?”  WebTrends provides web analytics and other software solutions related to marketing intelligence. 

Most people do not think about the “behind the scenes” of their website or any website for that matter.  From my personal prospective, it is all a little overwhelming until you get into it and realize what all of that data essentially means.  Or even what a company can do with that data.  WebTrends has so much to offer and I hope that BTInet will be able to use WebTrends to its full potential or at least close to it!

 The following questions were asked to BTInet’s Web Designer that attended the Engage 2010 Conference.

What did you think of the WebTrends Conference?

WebTrends Engage 2010 was a great experience! The sessions this year were much better rounded to suit the needs of more than just people in the marketing field. As a web designer I found the topics of social networking measurement and the tips & tricks very useful.

 By offering a social network just for conference attendees, I think people came to the conference feeling as if they already knew some of the other people there. It was a great addition! The conference venue (Roosevelt Hotel, New Orleans) was gorgeous and it didn’t hurt that I was upgraded to a suite either!

What do you think of WebTrends?

Honestly, it intimidates the heck out of me! The tool offers so much that I feel like I will never be able to use it to its full advantage. However, I believe the partnerships that WebTrends has with various vendors will prove to be useful to BTInet so we can get a grip on what WE need to use to benefit our company and in the end, our customers!

What does a company get out of WebTrends?

It depends what kind of company you are. An e-commerce site such as Wal-Mart, Amazon, or your local grocery store can find out how their customers are navigating through their site, what advertising campaigns are bringing people to their site, and what areas of the site are losing their customers. An informational site can find out what their site visitors are most interested in so they can offer more on those topics. Technical professionals can use the findings from WebTrends to give them information on server problems, broken links, etc. There are so many purposes for WebTrends; you can make it give you what you want!


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