BTInet Fixed Wireless Internet Outage

If we take to heart the motto “April showers brings May flowers”, then North Dakota will be in full bloom next month.  On Friday, April 2, 2010 we saw what we all hope was the last winter storm to hit our area for the season.  Inches of rain, topped off with heavy wet snow along with a strong North Dakota wind brought thousands of electric cooperative transmission poles down.

 Estimates have shown that more than 8,000 poles were knocked down, along with more than 250 transmission poles including steel transmission towers.  With this occurring, many of our Fixed Wireless Towers were left without power.  As of today, April 7th, all of our towers are now back up and running with the exception of one which is located in the Mor-Gran-Sou Electric Cooperative service area.

BTInet’s Harmon Lake tower site is currently without power.  We cannot estimate a timeframe in which the power will be restored to the tower site at this time.   Mor-Gran-Sou employees along with other cooperatives and contractors are working long hours to restore power for their customers.  Please see their website for more information on the affected area. 

 If you are a current BTInet Fixed Wireless customer that is presently affected with this outage, please call our office and we will set up a tentative dial-up account for the time being, if that is a viable option for you.


Interested in viewing photos from the damage?  Check out NDaREC’s media gallery here.


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