The anti-virus transmuted into a “virus”

McAfee identified a threat within their DAT file (5958) which impacted Windows PCs that was released on April 21, 2010.

At BTInet/Basin Electric the affect of the full blown virus invaded our computer systems.  This caused the majority of our computers to begin a continuous reboot cycle as the McAfee DAT file (5958) update flagged the Windows file svchost.exe file as a virus. 

BTInet/Basin Electric’s technicians were able to push the new updated file from McAfee to all computers. Once the computers rebooted again from the continuous reboot per the virus, the computers then stabilized.

Per McAfee’s Blog:  Mistakes happen. No excuses. The nearly 7,000 employees of McAfee are focused right now on two things, in this order. First, help our customers who have been affected by this issue get back to business as usual. And second, once that is done, make sure we put the processes in place so this never happens again.

BTInet wants to ensure you that we have taken the steps necessary to make sure that all systems managed by BTInet do not receive the update. We verified that the current DAT in our software repository is still at 5957. We have also taken additional measures to disable automatic updates to the DAT and Engine of the client server. 

BTInet will continue to monitor updates from McAfee and re-enable the automatic updates only when the green light is given by McAfee.


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