Don’t Become a Victim

Today a phishing email was sent out to all customers.  This email was titled as an Important Message from BTInet InternetWithin the body of the message it asked our customers to click on a link to update/verify their account information.  This is your very first sign that this is a phishing email. 

Please keep in mind the following information & you will not become a victim to SPAM:

  • BTInet does NOT included file attachments in emails
  • BTInet will NEVER ask you for personal information
  • BTInet will NEVER ask you for your username/password
  • Notices will be posted on BTInet’s Facebook/Blog/Twitter/Subscribers News

If you ever have any doubt as to the legitimacy of an e-mail notice that appears to have come from BTInet, please contact us to verify it was a valid notice.  Don’t become a victim to SPAM.


About BTInet
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