Subscriber Zone Notice  

We recently revealed the substantial overhaul of our Website.  To go along with our updated Website, we are currently working on launching a restructured Subscriber Zone Website.  The changes to Subscriber Zone may or may not affect you.  Please see below:

In a few short weeks many of the resources accessible in Subscriber Zone such as Starting Points, Sports, Kids Only, Web Search, News Media, Website Hosting & Check Time will no longer be available.  If you use these links, please create bookmarks or favorites for them at this time.

 How do I create a bookmark or favorites?

In Internet Explorer, click “Favorites” from the toolbar menu and then “Add to Favorites.”  In Firefox, click “Bookmarks” on the toolbar and then “Bookmark This Page.” With Google Chrome, click the small star icon next to the address bar.  

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our Helpdesk at 701.557.5117 or 1.800.667.7891 or email at


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