I live in town, can I receive the service?

With BTInet’s numerous Wireless Towers, why can I not receive the Fixed Wireless Internet service if I live in Bismarck?  

The answer is comparatively simple.  An antenna is physically attached to your home, that antenna makes connection with a signal being transmitted from our access point. The antenna pushes the signal through the Ethernet cable that is ran into your home to either your computer or a wireless router. The antenna located on your roof would need to be no more than 7-10 miles from our tower and would also need a clean line of sight to that tower. With that being said, with all of the businesses in town, there is too much interference that would block that line of sight to the tower.  Any buildings, trees, hills and etc. blocking the line of sight from the antenna to the tower will in return will give you none or very slim internet access.


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