Confused about our Web Space vs. Website Hosting?

Recently our BTInet-worthy June Newsletter was published to our customers.  Within this issue is an article titled “The End of an Era…”  From the time this issue was launched, I have received several email and phone calls from customers concerned about their Website Hosting account.  I am hoping this blog will simplify this article for you.

In 2001 BTInet subscribers automatically acquired a free 10-megabyte Web site.  Subscribers included in this free web space were Dial-Up, DSL & Fixed Wireless Internet customers. 

What is Web Space?

  1. Allows you to upload file information (HTML files, image files, etc.) on the World Wide Web where it will be available at a global scale.
  2. Enables you to store various files that are not visible to website visitors but play an important role for the proper functioning of your website.

I’m confused — I have BTInet’s Basic Website hosting, is that also going away?

No.  Our Basic Website Hosting is not going anywhere.  In fact we encourage our customers to switch their information over to our Website Hosting. This will in the end give them more speed, space & functionality.  Essentially a better fit for all.

Quick Review:

Web Storage is ending in January 2011.

Basic Website Hosting – No change


Still have questions?  Feel free to email us or give us a call!


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