What is the difference between DSL Provider & an ISP?

Are you confused with why you need a DSL Provider (Qwest) along with an ISP Provider (BTInet) for your DSL service?  This can be all very confusing to some, but it is fairly simple.   Let me explain.

To be able to access the internet, both a DSL Provider (Qwest) and an ISP Provider (BTInet) are needed.  Qwest provides the telephone line required to have access to the internet along with the modem.  BTInet provides the access to the internet over the DSL Provider’s lines. We will also provide you with the username/password that is required to connect to the internet.


Do we have to have Qwest as the DSL Provider? 

Unfortunately yes.  BTInet is only the ISP Provider and we don’t have the capability to offer to be the DSL Provider also. 

Will I be receiving two monthly bills?

Yes.  One bill will be from BTInet for the access into the internet.  The second bill will be from Qwest for bringing the service into your home.

Whom do I purchase the modem from?

Qwest will help set you up with the correct DSL modem that you will need.  BTInet will contact you with your username/password for that particular modem.


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