Making Life Easier

One of the simplest and effortless ways BTInet can help with conservation is to cut back on the amount of mail we send. Ebill is a free and easy way to receive, view and pay your monthly bill online.

Why enroll in ebill?

It’s fast, free and easy! Once a month, will send you an e-mail reminder to view your bill electronically. You can pay on the day of your choice. You also have easy access to your bill payment history.  Save time, postage and check costs, while doing something good for the environment.

How do I log into ebill?

You can log into ebill at  For your security a username and password will be required to access your E-bill account.  If you are an authorized contact on your account, please call our billing office and we’ll get you set up in a flash!

When will I receive my ebill?

You will receive an e-mail stating that your statement is ready for viewing along with a link to your online statement.   This email will be sent around the first of each month.

What if I need a paper copy of my bill?

Not a problem.  Once you are logged into ebill, just click on “Printed Bill”.  This will bring up your current bill and you can print it just like you would see it if you had received it in the mail.

Can I see my past statements?

Yes.  Under Maintained Services you can click on Billing History

**If all U.S. households viewed and paid their bills electronically, we would save 18.5 million trees, avoid 2.2 billion tons of toxic air pollutants and 1.7 billion pounds of solid waste, and save 15.8 billion gallons of precious water.**



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