Blacklisted IPs

No company wants to be the source of spam or viruses and the extra work that is involved.  BTInet is currently using the Barracuda Spam Firewall Outbound Edition

To prevent spam from starting, the new spam firewall scans outgoing mail for keywords that are often contained in spam messages and utilizes rate controls to alert the IT staff when an e-mail address attempts to send out a large quantity of messages.

If a user exceeds the settings during a message submission of their emails will either be rate limited or deferred.  If this occurs the Barracudas will tell the sending email server to try again later.  If the server tries again before the 20 minute timeout period has elapsed the client in violation will need to wait another 30 minutes.  If 30 minute elapses since the last connection then the connection counters will be rest to zero.

We are recommending that all customers who send out frequent mass emails configure their mail servers and /or applications to wait for 31 minutes before resuming deferred or rate limited batch jobs if they receive a deferred or rate limited error message.


70% of Service Providers and Hosters would implement Outbound Spam protection to reduce costs?

75% would implement Outbound Spam protection in order to provide better customer service?


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