Do you know what SSL stands for?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer.

What does that mean? SSL is designed to allow applications to send information back and forth securely. Applications that do use SSL give and receive encryption keys with other applications. All data sent and received is being encrypted and decrypted between the two applications.

How can I tell if a web page is secure?

There are two major indications:

  1. Check the web page URL – The web page address starts with “http”. A secure web page address will be displayed as “https”.
  2. Check for the “lock” icon – A standard “lock” icon will be shown somewhere in the window of your browser. See below to the following examples for IE and Mozilla’s Firefox.

Several web pages also will have their SSL Certificate vendors on their site. Examples of these would be VeriSign, GeoTrust,, etc. But don’t worry – these are not easy for hackers to copy. These seals will be easily visible to the consumer. If you hover your mouse over the seal it will show you detailed information about the web page you are visiting.

Did you know? You can click or double click on the lock icon to see the details of the site’s security. It’s never bad thing to check it out!


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