FAQ on Cloud Hosting

Why use cloud hosting?

  • Internal functionality
  • Scalable
  • Ease to upgrade and maintain
  • Low cost solution
  • and much more!

What can a customer do with a Cloud Server?

It’s a pretty simple answer, anything. It is an unrestricted root access Linux, Solaris and/or Windows environment.

What is the difference between a cloud and a dedicated server?

Cloud hosting gives you more resources and most times managed service. But it is shared with others.

Dedicated servers are limited to the resources available on that specific server. Once your server is out of RAM or CPU you will not be able to upgrade without moving to a new server. With a Cloud server it is expandable without your business noticing any downtime.

Can I host more than one website?

Most definitely! There are no limits on the number of sites you can host with us.

What is the minimum contract?

Minimum of one month is preferred. Don’t forget you can scale up or down within that month should you need to.

Do you have technicians onsite?

Yes. Our technicians are available via email &/or phone support 24×7.


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2 Responses to FAQ on Cloud Hosting

  1. Maria says:

    I search cloud hosting service in spain. I locate this solutions:


    Do you recomend other solutions ?? I need datacenter in spain.

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