Don’t be a ‘hacker’ statistic…

Hackers – The dreaded word that we all seem to hear about lately on the news. They appear to be everywhere. Do you own or manage a business, big or small? To save yourself and your business from a hurt fall, you may want to check into a Monitoring Solution that fits your needs. We can quickly detect, diagnose and resolve performance issues saving you a considerable amount of money by avoiding lost productivity.

Unlike other hosting providers that make you find your own solution for monitoring, we offer you a variety of monitoring solutions. Our Basic Monitoring service is included with all hosted servers and applications. If you are looking for a more detail monitoring capabilities, we offer Advanced and Customized Monitoring solutions that will fit your specific needs.

Don’t be a statistic and do something about it before a hacker finds your servers. Check out BTInet’s solutions here! Don’t forget that we can custom you’re monitoring specifically for you!


About BTInet
Server hosting, Linux, Windows, Sun, Solaris, Dedicated servers, virtual private servers, firewalls, internet service provider, exchange, oracle, SQL server

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