More SAN or a higher level server?

Rather than spending more money on a higher level server with loads of internal disk space, would adding more SAN possibly make more sense for your company?

The number one benefit for installing SAN is that it simplifies the network infrastructure and makes it easier to manage.

Other SAN advantages include:

  • High Availability
  • Highly Scalable
  • Express Transfer Rates
  • Expandable
  • More Effective DR
  • What exactly is SAN? It is a dedicated network of shared storage devices, such as disk storage arrays and tape automation. It is a high-speed sub network of share storage devices that are like machines that contain nothing but disk(s) for storing data. The main objective of SAN is to facilitate the exchange of data between operating systems and storage elements.

    SAN is made up of a quantity of fabric switches connected in a network. Most commonly used is Fibre Channel. On the other hand ISCSI could be used with IP switches.

    All of our SAN options provide virtually unlimited storage capacities. Fibre Channel storage options are typically used for systems that demand high performance, such as databases and other I/O intensive applications. SATA storage options are more cost-conscious, suited for situations where total storage cost is more critical than performance, such as data and media archiving.

    Here is a sample configuration. For more information please contact BTInet.


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