New Webmail Coming Soon to BTInet Customers

We are taking our customers feedbacks & best interests into consideration and moving forward with an entire new Webmail system. 

 What does this mean to you?  With this new Webmail it has anti-spam & anti-virus protection built into it which means considerably LESS junk mail in your inbox!


The first time you go into Webmail after the upgrade you will be given the option to use one of two different interfaces:

 Webmail Lite – This will be similar to the old webmail but with a new user-friendly interface.  This system will be used by our customers with slower internet connections and older web browsers.

Tuxedo™ – offers full drag-and-drop functionality and a classy look and feel, an easy to use address book, support of multiple identities per mailbox, and a message preview pane – much like a desktop e-mail client.  It requires a higher speed internet connection and a new web browser application.


Concerned about losing your current address book?  There is no need to worry – your address books and old e-mail messages will transfer from the old system to the new. When you log in for the first time, any mail existing in your old mail account will automatically get copied to the new mail account.

Unfortunately, any mail filters you have created in the “Mail Filters” section of your old mail account will not transfer. So, in preplanning for this move you may want to make note of those filters so you can recreate them in the new account.

REMINDER:  BTInet WILL NOT require you to give us your passwords. If you receive any e-mails or phone calls asking you to enter or give your password – do not give it out! BTInet will never ask for your password.



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