Handling your Spam & Email Settings

Are you noticing less Spam in your inbox? Did you know that YOU can log into your Spam Management to check it out? That is right — check out the following for more information!

At the main Webmail Login Landing Page, enter your email address & password then chose Mail Settings. Click on Spam Management on the left hand side of the page and then on Spam Logs. This page shows how many Spam messages are being blocked by your current anti-Spam settings at the SMTP server and at your Mailbox. The numbers of messages blocked yesterday, in the last fifteen days, and in the last thirty days are shown.

Quarantined Mail — Under the Spam Management list click on Quarantined Mail. This is a great place to check if you are waiting for an email and have not seemed to receive it yet. It could be mistaken as a Spam email by mistake. Need that email in your inbox? Click in the little box to the left of the message then click on the “Not Spam – Please delivery normally.”

Do you need your email forwarded to another email address? Click on My Email Options and add the new email address under the Forwarding Tab. It is that easy!

Under My Email Options you will also find where you can change your password – this is good idea to do if you are only have a ‘generic’ password. An ideal password has letters, punctuation, symbols, and numbers. Remember the greater the variety of characters in your password, the better. Use the entire keyboard, not just the letters and characters you use or see most often.

While you are in the My Email Options page, check out the vacation message option too! The vacation message feature will automatically reply to emails you receive with the custom subject and message body that you enter below. This is useful if you are going to be away from your email or would like an automatic reply to all emails you receive. You will continue to receive email to your email box as well.


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