Is your data feeling vulnerable?

Secure your data by adding Data Center Firewall service to your hosted server. Did you know that even with the highest quality servers without proper firewall protection your company’s data is extremely vulnerable and can be easily compromised.

Shared Data Center Firewalls use clustered enterprise-level Juniper Networks firewalls managed by our Juniper Certified Security Specialist. This solution is a secure, reliable and cost-effective way to provide managed firewall protection for your hosted servers. Our unique approach to firewall management provides secure segmentation between customers, prevents unauthorized access and offers the flexibility to handle multi-tiered implementations without the cost of a dedicated firewall solution.

Dedicated Data Center Firewalls are for hosting customers who need their own dedicated firewall solution. We also offer a variety of managed firewall solutions that can be dedicated solely to your environment. We can provide you with additional services such as Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Network Anti-virus, and other add-ons. For multi-tier deployments, a dedicated firewall can also be more cost-effective than our Shared Data Center Firewall service.


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