2011 Flood – Dam Releases & Fun Facts

Garrison Dam Release Schedule

*planned releases are subject to change based on changing reservoir & river conditions

Monday May 30th 85,000 cfs
Wednesday June 1st 105,000 cfs
Thursday June 2nd 120,000 cfs
Mid-June:  150,000 cfs is expected to happen

At 150,000 cfs the river stage at Bismarck is forecast to be at 20.6 feet, or 4.93` higher than it is right now.

Spillway gates will be used to release all this water, but it WILL be controlled. The spillway has never been used since the dam opened back in the 1950s.


What does 8 Million Sandbags Look Like?

The Bismarck/Mandan Area will require 8 Million Sandbags for the flood fighting efforts this week.   About 4 Million have been produced and we have 4 Million to go.

The folks over at BisManOnline wondered what 8 Million Sandbags would actually look like, so they did a little math and a couple of sketches.
**Based on a sandbag size of 18″ x 12″ x 3″

First we start with a typical person and a typical sandbag on a pallet.   Doesn’t seem to bad right?

  1 Sandbag


So, now, lets fill the pallet with 100 Sandbags….   About 3500 POUNDS of sand!

Thats pretty heavy – Takes a forklift to move this thing around
  100 Sandbags

A 100 sandbags would get your started diking your house, but, you will need more.Lets image 10 rows of pallets, 10 pallets deep (100 pallets in total).

This would be 10,000 sandbags on the ground, weighing in at 350,000 pounds….

  10,000 SandbagsNow we’re getting somewhere! Thats a lot of truckloads of sand!

Let’s make it 10 pallets tall:

  100,000 SandbagsNow we are looking at 100,000 total sandbags.

So, yes that is a lot, but lets look at how many we need for Bismarck/Mandan’s Flood Fight.
Here it is:
8 Million Sandbags
Get out and fight the flood folks – Fill sandbags at Sandbag Central, we have a tall order to fill.   


Thank you to BisManOnline for coming up with the drawings and visualization.  We greatly appreciate all of the volunteers that are helping save the Bismarck/Mandan Community.  


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