Data Center Unharmed

As you may be aware of the current flooding in North Dakota, we want to ensure all of our valued customers and future customers, that our data center is safe, and is in no danger from any of the flooding. Our data center is located in an area free of earthquakes, hurricanes, wild fires, floods, tsunamis and etc.  It is designed and developed in a rock-solid infrastructure with performance and reliability in mind.  We utilize redundant network connectivity, and implement the monitoring and security measures necessary to ensure reliability and performance.

Flooded Picnic Tables

Before the unthinkable happens to your company, take a look at our continuity plan which includes replication and redundancy. As many as 40% of small businesses never recover from a disaster, and many more spend months clawing their way back to profitability.

~No matter what Mother Nature hands your business, we can ensure your business is safe with us~


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