What does your ISP provide you?

An ISP (Internet service provider) refers to a company that provides Internet services, including personal and business access to the Internet. 

10 Things you should take into account when looking for an ISP:

  1. Uptime Commitments – Look for service level agreements that provide real and measurable targets for uptime, not just 99.9% operational guarantees.
  2. Download Speed – Test all new circuits’ downstream speeds the day they’re installed, a month later and quarterly after that.
  3. Upload Speed – As with downstream speeds, upstream speed claims must be tested, too
  4. Port Freedom – Many ISPs, in an effort to optimize network performance, selectively block ports.
  5. SMTP Flexibility – Be sure to check with the ISP to learn whether it supports open SMTP port 25 traffic.
  6. Technical Support – When things go wrong, and they will go wrong, how accessible is technical support?
  7. Responsive Technical Support – how quickly does the ISP commit to resolving the outage?
  8. Equipment Quality– IT professionals know which modems fail and how often.
  9. Equipment Flexibility– supplying your own network equipment not only allows you to select the quality you want but potentially lowers costs, too.
  10. Pricing – Uptime, capacity, service accessibility, and field response are much more critical, especially considering the importance of Internet circuits to businesses today

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