“Country Living”

Have you ever dreamed about living in the country?  Not necessarily miles and miles away from town.  You know, outside of the cities’ traffic, noises, street lights and etc.  Although you are away from all of the hustle and bustle, have you thought about how you are going to be able to stay connected to the world?  Before you make a big move, make sure you can receive our Fixed Wireless Internet service.

In places where DSL and cable modems are not available, your next stop is Fixed Wireless Internet. BTInet has antennas on different towers around the outer skirts of Bismarck/Mandan that broadcasts an Internet signal to everyone within sight – sometimes as far as 10+ miles. Subscribers rig an antenna on their roof pointed at the antenna on our tower, plug in a special ‘adapter’ and end up with a fast reliable internet connection. Simple!

The technology behind a fixed wireless provider is fairly simple. The frequencies used however are sometimes prone to weather. Lightning, storms can impact the reliability of the connection. In the early days heavy rain also disrupted connections but fewer and fewer people are complaining about such things. 

Remember when using a router in your home to secure it!  For more information, check out our post at http://wp.me/py0Cd-eP.


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