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Question: I would like to do a better job of consistently taking care of my computer. Could you suggest what I should be doing for my computer maintenance and security?

Answer: First you need to begin with a practical plan for computer maintenance, then resolve to stick with it. Once you develop a routine, you’ll be able to avoid the big computer problems by staying on top of the little ones.

Make sure your plan covers the essential tasks including:

  • Doing regular data backup
  • Defragging your hard drive
  • Updating your antivirus and spyware software
  • Installing a firewall
  • Updating and installing patches to your operating system
  • Regularly deleting your trash bin, temp files, and any other files you no longer need

You may also want to digitize important financial documents and family photos and store them offsite for protection in case of a natural disaster like flooding. If you choose to put your files on a CD or DVD, keep one copy in a safe deposit box and send another to a friend or relative in another state.


Question: I’ve been using the left button on my mouse to drag the scroll bar up and down when I view webpage’s, but is there an easier way?

Answer: Yes, there are actually several other ways to scroll through webpage’s that you might want to try. You can use the wheel on your mouse (if you have one) to move the scroll bar up and down, or use your mouse to click on the arrow keys above and below the scroll bar.

If you’d prefer to give your mouse a rest, you can use the “Page Up” and “Page Down” keys on your keyboard. Another option is to use the spacebar for scrolling. To scroll down while viewing a webpage, simply press the spacebar. To scroll up, hold the “Shift” key and press the spacebar. This shortcut works for Internet Explorer 7, Safari, and Firefox.




Question:  I often have e-mail messages in my inbox that don’t display the graphics. Instead, it says, “To protect your privacy, some pictures in this message were not downloaded.” What’s this all about?

Answer: The default setting on most e-mail software does not allow users to see graphics automatically when opening an e-mail. This is for security reasons; rogue software contained within such graphics can infect computers when users view the graphics in their e-mail preview pane. In addition, graphics are not automatically displayed in order to protect your privacy and help prevent spammers from knowing that your e-mail account is active.


All you have to do to view these graphics is click on “Download Images” or a similar phrase used by your e-mail software. It only takes a second—a small price to pay for enhanced security and privacy.





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