Keep Your Computer Running Like New

When you bought your computer you more than likely loved the performance it had.  But after a few weeks you start to notice the slow startups and the time lagging in opening applications and later you are just frustrated about it all and want to buy a new computer again.  Until you realize that buying a new computer is not going to always solve the problem and can be quite costly. 


1.)     Clean up your Temporary Files

Download CCleaner or go to your Start Menu Programs Accessories System Tools Disk Cleanup.

This is an application that will help clean up your temporary files, cookies and etc from your PC.  What are those?  These are things that are not important at all and removing them will not cause any problems to your computer.   Go ahead and analyze and run the cleaner.  Your useless files will be removed keeping your Disk Clean. 


2.)    Clean up your programs

Now you can go to the tools setting and you will find a startup tab which has all the programs which open automatically at the time of startup of your PC. Just check the program which you want to remove from the startup. Lesser the programs at the time of the startup faster the PC starts.


3.)      Do NOT download everything on your desktop

Yes I admit there are times you are in a rush and you end up downloading your file to your Desktop.  Yes this DOES make your PC slow.  Don’t keep your Desktop over crowded.


4.)     Defragment your hard disk regularly

This process will make your Hard Disk use the spaces left between the files.

Start – Programs – Accessories – System Tools – Disk Defragmenter


5.)     Keep your Recycle Bin clean

After you delete files from your system, these files go to the Recycle bin which still uses the disk space on your Hard Disk.  Make it a habit of cleaning the bin out daily.


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