One of the various benefits of having a server with BTInet is that you automatically receive our basic monitoring FREE!  Our customers rely on us to keep your servers and applications up and running. 

Did you know for a lower additional monthly fee you can upgrade your Basic Monitoring to Advanced or Custom Monitoring?  Call our administrators today to make sure you are using your monitoring to its fullest potential. 


The following are a few features & functionality with our monitoring services:

Customizable Monitoring Interface Get customized charts, gauges, & tables associated with component monitors.
Application Dashboards  Use out-of-the-box dashboards to get at-a-glance insight into the status of critical applications such as Microsoft Active Directory®, Exchange, SQL Server®, IIS, Windows®, & Linux®.
Remote Monitoring  Monitor any WMI performance counters to proactively troubleshoot application issues remotely.
Out-of-the-Box Application Reporting Create customized TCP port monitors.
Network Fault and Performance Integration  Investigate server performance and applications issues from a single intuitive web console.
Network Services and Port Monitoring Leverage network service monitors to gauge DNS, HTTP, HTTPS, IMAP4, POP3, SMTP, & NNTP performance.
Advanced Application Alerting  Advanced alerts correlation, sustained conditions, and complex combinations of device states.
User Experience Monitors  Simulate and measure Quality of Experience (QoE) with User Experience




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