Confused about DSL?

Are you confused with why BTInet can’t offer the full package of DSL?  It can be confusing.   Numerous inquiries do not realize that you need a DSL provider (Qwest) along with an ISP provider (BTInet).    

What exactly does ISP mean?  ISP means Internet Service Provider which gives you the access out to the Internet.

Qwest provides you the telephone line required to have access to the internet along with the modem.  BTInet provides the access to the internet over Qwest lines.  Yes you will need both in orders to access the Internet.  Qwest will also provide you with a DSL modem as BTInet will provide you with the username/password that is required to connect out to the internet.

For more information on our DSL service, please click here.  Still have Questions?  Contact us at anytime and we will be happy to talk it over with you!


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