Secure your Domain Name

Within the World Wide Web you will find the good and bad.  There are those people who ensure access to good information for people, and there are others who are willing to bend over backwards to ensure hijacking of critical domain names. Domain name hijacking is a common problem. You NEED to secure your domain names that you have registered for your websites.

The following are a few steps that you need to do to ensure the security of your domain name(s):

  1.        Ensure you have an honest & trustworthy domain name provider – such as BTInet.
  2.        Ensure your domain name for at least five years at a time.

Every domain name has an expiry date.  Ensure your domain for a period of five years will guarantee that nobody in the market will ever be able to claim your domain during that period of time.  When you domain does come up for renewal, make sure you pay the renewal fees to your provider as soon as possible.  Your ownership rights to the name lapses the minute it expires and it comes on to sale in the market.

BTInet can make it simple for you by taking care of the entire domain name registration process. We will help you find available domain names, and when your domain is about to expire, our staff will contact you to inquire on your wishes to renew your domain.


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