“You can’t prepare for everything – but you can prepare for anything.”

It has been all over the news about the Cruise ship that capsized off the coast of Italy.  This tragic event serves as an important reminder to all.  We can’t prevent disasters from happenings, but we can prepare ourselves for the unexpected.  We need to be reminded the importance of Business Continuity Plans and realize that data disasters do occur, and the repercussions can be devastating.

Data Backup is one of the most critical components of a complete disaster recovery plan.  Back in 2007 only 3 percent of data losses occur due to natural disasters; 97 percent are due to mechanical failure or human error.  Good news, preparation for both types of disasters is the same!

Five important questions to consider:

1.  What is absolutely critical to running your business day-to-day?

  • Emails?
  • Accounting Data?
  • Customer Records?
  • Billing Software
  • All of the above?

2.  How long could you operate without that data before your business suffered?

  • A few hours?
  • A day?
  • Several days?

3.  When is your data backup?

  • Multiple times a day?
  • Every Day?
  • Weekly?
  • Monthly?

4.  Where and how is your backup data stored?

  • On-site?
  • Off-site?
  • Not sure?

5.  In a natural disaster, the person or team whom is in charge might be dealing with other issues too.

The best thing to do is to not worry about any of these issues and call BTInet today.  We will manage your Disaster Recovery and your Managed Backups for you.  Do you feel that stress lifting off of your shoulders?

Here is some food for thought:  Businesses with a Business Continuity Plan will go on as normal, businesses without a Business Continuity Plan won’t know what to do and more than likely won’t be able to recover their lost data. 


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