What does it mean when you get an “over quota” message?

Your web-mail e-mail messages and attachments are stored on a central server that is secure and frequently backed. When you receive a message that you are “over quota,” it means that your mail and attachments take up more than 1GB on the server. This space includes emails used in folders and even emails in your trash. Over quota messages are automatically generated and sent out. If you get an over quota message, please take immediate action and remove old mail and attachments.  Remember you won’t be able to receive any other new messages until you do.

Here are some tips for controlling the size of your mailbox:

  1. Download your Email to a mail client like Outlook/Outlook Express or Thunderbird. Once you download messages to a mail client on your PC, it removes the mail from our server and makes certain you have storage for new Email messages. When you download your Email to your PC, you are no longer using Webmail storage. As a side note, using an Email client on your PC takes away the ability to see messages that have been downloaded to your PC using the Webmail client (webmail.btinet.net).
  2. If you do leave some messages on the in Webmail so that they remain accessible through the online client, don’t forget to periodically clean out any old messages you no longer need. Also, remember to check your Sent Items folder for messages you no longer need.
  3. Save Email attachments (photos, video clips, documents, etc.) to your PC rather than leaving the message and the attachment in your Webmail Inbox.
  4. Make sure that your Webmail settings are configured to clean out your Trash folder upon logout. Even though you have deleted messages, they still exist in your Trash folder and they are using a portion of your 1GB storage quota.

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