Dedicated Server Hosting Benefits

With our dedicated server hosting, customers ranges from individuals, small companies, up to enterprise companies around the globe.  With our customizable packages you can change your plan at anytime.  Upgrade or downgrade to best suit your needs.  Having a dedicated server will provide you with the capability to go far beyond the resource limitations found in a shared hosting environment.

Check out some of the features and benefits that we can offer you from our Dedicated Server Hosting packages.  Don’t forget about our 24×7 phone and email support!

Choices of Operating System BTInet supports all versions of Windows Server 2008 including both 32-bit and 64-bit. If Linux is your OS of choice, we support the Linux distribution of your choice.
Dell Blade Server Hardware We offer the latest M600 and M610 Dell Blade server hardware. These servers provide superior reliability, performance, manageability and energy efficiency compared to the “white box” servers provided by many other hosting companies.
On Demand Hardware Upgrades Accomodate your growth by upgrading to more powerful server hardware at any time without fees or penalties. Migration assistance from BTInet staff is available upon request.
Regular Hardware Refreshes Unlike purchased server hardware, BTInet’s hosted servers allow you to take advantage of new server models without the expense of abandoning existing server hardware and purchasing new hardware. As new server models become available, BTInet will work with you to migrate to new hardware for little or no extra cost to you.
Full Administrative Access Perform administrative tasks at your convenience without the need to contact BTInet support staff.
Console Level Access Console level access gives you the same experience you would have if you were sitting in front of your server console and provides BIOS level access. This feature requires either a point-to-point VPN or our SSL VPN service.

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