Microsoft Phone Scams


BTInet wants to make sure all of our customers and non customers are aware of current ongoing scams.    We recently published a blog post on Microsoft Phone ScamsPLEASE be aware that this scam is currently hitting North Dakota.

This week I personally received this scam phone call at my house.  Being I was well aware of this scam going on I tried to ask this ‘unknown’ person a few questions on the phone.  Needless to say they hung up on me –more than likely they knew that I was aware of this scam.  However I do have caller ID — please be aware of any phone number such as 78965.  It was not a normal phone number nor did it have 10 digits.  This unknown person did have an accent – but I am not sure where they were from

To read more on this current scam going on please click on the link below provided by Microsoft.



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One Response to Microsoft Phone Scams

  1. Charlotte Flynn says:

    Glad you brought this up. I felt obligated to post because I also received a call like that and it was extremely annoying. This guy wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. Told him I wasn’t interested and he would respond with a contradiction and he’d always reason out why I should let him fix my computer. I was extremely irritated that I came up with a prank. I pretended to finally believe him and told him I’d place him on hold to turn my computer on, to which he eagerly agreed to. Then I made an outgoing call to the local police department and transferred the man to them. Hahaha! Got that idea from a complaint posted at Good thing I remembered and I thought that was really funny.

    But just the same, these scammers are very harassing. The authorities ought to do something about this.

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