Don’t Suffer…

Don’t wait to start a data backup and recovery plan till it’s too late to. Over half of all business that suffers loss of data NEVER recovers from its effects. Having a managed backup solution is critical to the success of your business.

Presently we offer server backups to disk powered by EMC Avamar and backups to tape. Backup & recovery to disk with data deduplication shortens our backup windows while never backing up the same data twice.

Why is backup to disk with deduplication such a good thing?

1.) You can take 12,000 tapes and put all of that data on less than 400 disk drives. That is truly a dramatic savings in space!!

2.) Replicating backups to a second site is less expensive

3.) Disk is cost competitive for short and medium term retention. If you think at some point you are going to outgrow your current tape environment it may be time to justify the move to disk with deduplication.

There are many other reasons of why backup to disk is such a good thing and honestly varies from company to company. We would be happy to discuss these options with you when you are ready.


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