BTInet DSL is coming to an end…


Recognizing that we all have a very busy schedule, I am sending you this letter as a reminder that the time has come to make the switch.  Effective June 29th, 2012, BTInet will no longer be providing Internet access for the DSL service to your location (Centurylink or Orbitcom provide the DSL line to your location and BTInet provides the Internet access on that DSL line). 

Centurylink or Orbitcom can also handle the Internet access portion for your DSL service.  Please contact them before June 29th, 2012 to request your DSL Internet access be transferred over to them.  After this date you will no longer have any internet service if you do not make this switch over to Centurylink or Orbitcom.

 Centurylink    1.877.348.9004

Orbitcom        1.866.834.7837

Concerned about losing your email address with BTInet? Don’t worry; BTInet can continue to provide your email address even after this change.  Just give us a call at 701.557.5151 and our customer representative will go through your options with you.

We have been very fortunate to have such loyal customers as you and we have appreciated the opportunity to serve you.  BTInet will continue to provide our dedicated server hosting and website hosting services, and we would welcome the opportunity to work together if you have a need for those service.  Thanks again for your loyalty.


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