What NOT to post on Facebook

Most people have a Facebook account.  It is a great place to keep up with family and friends. It offers the chance to keep up with current events and you may even find out points of view of your friends and family that you would not have, otherwise, discovered. From news, to entertainment, to what everyone doing on Friday, it is available in one place.

Looking at what people post as their status sometimes shocks me.  For those that are diligent about their privacy settings, these postings are only viewable by their closest 387 friends but I still urge you  to take a second and consider the following before you hit that “enter” key.

The following 15 items are something to take into consideration of NOT posting on Facebook.

  1. DOB
  2. Hospital or City you were born in
  3. Mother’s Maiden Name
  4. Current Address
  5. Trips
  6. Inappropriate Photos
  7. Phone Numbers
  8. Vacation Countdown
  9. Children’s Name(s)
  10. Pictures of your home
  11. Scandalous or Drunken Photographs
  12. Relationship Status
  13. If you are home alone
  14. Do not link to our professional pages such as LinkedIn.  (don’t mix work & play)
  15. Be careful with Political, racial or religious comments

Remember – don’t trust everyone.  There might be someone watching to see when you leave your house for vacation – you may come back to your home with nothing in it.  Be aware of everything you post.


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