Web Hosting Defined…

Some people like to keep their websites under their pillow for safe keeping.  This may be comforting; but may give mixed signals to the Tooth Fairy.  To avoid the confusion with a fictional character, BTInet can host your website in a safe location.

Let’s go back to the basics…what IS Web Hosting?

Web Hosting companies are the connection between an individual or company and the World Wide Web.  In order to put a webpage online, you must go through a web host.

Most web hosts will offer you tools to help you simplify the process of uploading files to your webpage.  You don’t always need to know html code or software like Dreamweaver that is much easier for most.  Both ways, it all does the same thing and you will be able to have your website up and running in no time.


Keep in Mind:

When choosing a web host it is important to keep your personal or business goals in mind.  Some web host companies will put banner ads on your website.  You might not mind this if it is your personal website, but you may if it is a company website.  Ask yourself this “Do you want your web host to advertise on your page?”  BTInet will not display any ads on your web site. 







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