Are your servers protected?

We understand that you may not be a big business but may be just a small home business just starting out.  However you need the protection just as well as bigger businesses do.  Whatever your needs are, we will have our certified firewall administrators work closely with you to help customize your firewall needs.

Integrated Anti-Virus, Anti-SPAM, Web Content Filtering and Deep Inspection you can enhance the level of security provided by our managed firewall solution.  We will take care of the setup, policy changes, monitoring, upgrades and everything in-between that is necessary to keep your servers protected.  You just need to sit back, relax and rest assures your business is safe with us.

The following from Juniper Networks helps explain threats and why you need a firewall at your business.

  • Inbound threats are those that originate from outside the corporate network, for example, from an attacker on the Internet who intends to penetrate the corporation’s perimeter defenses. These threats include virtually all manner of attacks from worms to viruses to spyware to phishing emails.
  • Outbound threats are those that originate from someone sitting inside the corporate network, such as an employee sitting in their cube who has a machine that has been unknowingly compromised and is propagating a worm or virus throughout the corporate network. Other examples of outbound attacks are users who respond to phishing attacks by entering their personal data on a malicious web site, and spyware sitting on an employee’s machine quietly sending sensitive corporate information to some malicious party on the Internet.


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