Shop Smart Online

Do you know where, when and how you will be shopping this year?  With the holiday shopping just around the corner, BTInet wants to make sure you are ready and safe at the same time.

For those who loathe the crowds at the mall, online shopping has long been heralded as a savior.  Best part is that your purchases come right to your door!

However online shopping still has its flaws.  Before you start typing in those credit card numbers – take the time to make sure the online store you are at is PCI Compliant.  Click here to look back at our post on “Be Smart with Holiday Online Shopping”.

How to shop smart:

  • Don’t go for products that you need a custom fit.
  • Buy More.  You will only pay for the shipping courier once.
  • Purchase goods only from retailers who have a customer service backup via 1-800 or a location.
  • Google the company with the name “returns” “problems” and “customer Service” to see if any horror stories come up.
  • Make sure to look up the return policy
  • Shop early to make sure your purchases will arrive on time.
  • Pay Smart.
  • Avoid registering


There’s no reason to avoid online shopping. Be smart about it and you will truly enjoy the convenience and the deals.


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One Response to Shop Smart Online

  1. Av equipment says:

    The popularity of online shopping has increased manifold in the recent years. It’s convenient and save a lot of precious time. Ideal way to shop for somebody like me who hates going to malls and retail stores to buy stuff.

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