Reliable. Secure. Efficient.



Our data center is remarkable in numerous ways. Instead of having countless locations we have one location. Because it is in North Dakota, it is far from hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.

When one of our Systems Administrators Nate Swenson and our Marketing Supervisor Mitch Stafford step into the new BTInet data center — they expect to find three things:

  1. The beep of the security system
  2. The hum of servers
  3. Cool air rising from the floor

The data center was built on that concept. It’s reliable. It’s steady. It is a data center that businesses from across the world count on.

A guarantee of reliability.  A promise our staff is confident to make.


Click on our video to see why our staff is so confident in our data center.


View our videos on YouTube


About BTInet
Server hosting, Linux, Windows, Sun, Solaris, Dedicated servers, virtual private servers, firewalls, internet service provider, exchange, oracle, SQL server

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