Do you Backup?

The weekend is just around the corner and you have been working on a new project and ready for a break.  Just than you come across a new menu that you haven’t seen before?  Why not try it out?  After making a few changes here and there you are now ready to head out of the office for the weekend until you receive that dreaded phone call.  The changes you had made on the server corrupted some files.

Unfortunately this does happen and has happened to too many people/companies.   The best thing your company can have is back-ups. With backups your IT administrators will be able to get your project up and running within minutes.

The moral of this post is, never ever test in a live environment and always have backups.  Of course this is all assumed that you have a test or dev environment set up.  Test and/or dev environments are ideal for testing, training, documentation and etc.  And don’t forget, always have back-ups!



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