Domain Questions


When you register a domain name are you actually buying it?  This can be easily confused – but you do not actually buy domain names, you only rent them. If you do not renew a domain name when it comes due, it then becomes available for someone else to use.

Given that you have registered a domain name you can use it for a web site, FTP site, email, etc. Remember this does not mean those services are included with the domain name registration. If you are looking to set up a website you will need to look at working with a hosting company to host your website for you.   You can break up the hosting for example by having email hosting in one place, FTP hosting in another and web hosting in another. It is much simpler to go with one company.

If you are thinking about breaking up the hosting there is also DNS Hosting. A DNS hosting service is a service that runs Domain Name System servers. Once you register your domain name, you must list your domain name with a DNS hosting service provider. Why?  The reason for listing your domain name with a DNS hosting service provider is because it is literally impossible for you to remember the IP address of different websites.

Each time you type in a website on the Internet your system contacts the DNS server to find the matching IP addresses of that particular website. Even when you send an email, your ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) mail server performs a DNS search to find the mail server for that particular domain.

Still have questions?  Please feel free to call our office at any time.  No question is a stupid question – the more you know, the better off you will be.


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