Create a Valid, Memorable and Secure Password


It seems that every little site on the internet needs a password.  I would guess that many of you have the same password for everything, or at least a couple of the same passwords.

We have all heard people tell you not to do silly things like making “1 2 3 4” your combination for a lock.  You may have received a generic password of the word “password” to log onto your new email or new domain.  However when you see “generic” you should log in and the first thing you should do is find out where to change that password at.    We all have the tendency to create simpler passwords that we can remember.

The process of creating a valid, memorable and secure password is:

  1. Start with a series of words or phrases which have a meaning to you — A quote in a movie, song lyric, title of your favorite book series, etc.
  2. Set up your phrase. To do this, you remove punctuation and spaces, and you replace a letter in the phrase with a special character. You are to create a template of alterations to any string which only take minimal thought from you.  Letters become numbers or characters that resemble the letter: An “o” becomes a “0,” “e” becomes a “3,” an “a” becomes a “@,” etc.
  3. Now you have a password but you are not done yet. If someone were to find out your cipher and personal phrase, they may be able to figure out your password.  The goal is to create a password between 15-25 characters and be prepared to make cuts when necessary.  Here at BTInet we suggest your password to be 8 or more characters long.
  4. A good practice is to cut out the beginning or ending of a word.
  5. When you combine the shortened password with substitutions, the last trick we want to incorporate is using our Shift key. An “e” might be a “3″ but if we use the Shift key, the “e” becomes a “#” (Shift+”3″),

The idea is that when you are “locking” your accounts with a password, you should not need the most complicated password ever created.

If you need a password quickly and cannot think of anything, check out the online password generator.  You will more than likely not remember this password but it is better than the generic “password”,

Also please remember to not leave your passwords easily assessable for people to take.  Put them on paper in a save, have a secure password place.


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