VPS and the Cloud….are they the same?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an arrangement wherein, the physical server is virtually barricaded and the compartments thus formed, act as dedicated servers. Because the common physical resources are divided amongst various parties to the arrangement, these private allocations come cheaper than an actual dedicated server. In addition to being cheaper, the virtual private server is flexible, as each server has its own operating system. Therefore, when it comes to managing applications and customizing stuff, VPS offers the advantage.

Cloud is similar to VPS but the key difference is that it is scalable. It is possible to dynamically work up or down the needed space, essentially because the data resides in a central location. VPS on the other hand has this limitation. Herein, owing to server space confines, it is not possible to expect radical migration. What happens in moments on a cloud server, takes hours or even days with virtual private server.

Check out our cloud configurator here!


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