Coming Soon…….Cyber Monday


Are you ready?  BTInet is ready.

During the holidays the one thing every business forgets to account for is the influx of traffic, and then costly bandwidth overage charges.  Planning ahead is the key to a profitable Cyber Monday. 


Here are a few things that you can get started on:

1.  Get your website in tip-top shape – is everything accurate and up-to-date.  Fix any broken links or images.  Can your current server handle the overload?  Shoppers are using their phones to shop so please consider your mobile strategy carefully.

2.  Install better SSL security – 99% of shoppers use either credit cards or debit cards to purchase their transaction.  Give them the confidence that your site is ready for them.  Check out our SSL options today!

3.  Line up your marketing – SEO is very important.  Update any keywords for better search engine optimization and estimate a budget for paid search.  Make sure your site is secure for customers and make sure they know that by adding the sealed imagine of the security you have.

4.  Build buzz with social media – Don’t forget to use holiday promotions into your social media sites.  Customers are likely to share your promotion and discount offers to their family and friends.  It is a great and easy way to bring traffic to your site! 

Not exactly sure what you need for your company?  Not to worry, give our sales department a call and we can customize a solution just for you!




Recovering from a disaster can be a disaster in itself


As hurricane Sandy hits the east coast we need to remind ourselves, our business, our employees that it is time that you need to either implement a DR (disaster recovery) plan or update your DR plan.  Downtime isn’t just inconvenient, it’s expensive.  BTInet can help you design a comprehensive fail-over, disaster recovery and high availability plans for keeping your mission critical applications running, maintaining data accessibility and ensuring business continuity.

The staff at here in Bismarck, North Dakota is ready to get your company out of disaster recovery mode and into disaster prevention mode. We offer complete server and application hosting solutions along with managed backup plans that can make the dreaded task of DR planning simple.  Check us out at or give our Sales Team a call today!

What percentage are you?

In our own minds we always think “that would never happen to us.”  But in reality, it could happen to you.  Floods, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes.  There are plenty of disasters that can derail your data center operations.  Are you prepared for the worst?  Do you have a disaster and response plan in place?  Would your company recover if a significant disaster were to happen?

In a survey conducted by Network World and IT management software maker SolarWinds, 25% of respondents admitted their companies do not have a disaster plan. Among those without a plan, 57% said they’ll create one in the next 12 months.

Moving applications in the cloud as disaster preparedness are common. Email infrastructure is most often virtualized or put in the cloud, followed by web site/ecommerce systems, database servers, Web servers for critical online applications, and CRM/ERP systems. Approximately twenty percent of respondents said none of their apps are virtualized or in the cloud.

Preparing a Disaster Prevention Plan/Business Continuity Plan is not always the easiest thing to do.  Your plan should require testing, updates and modernization on a regular basis.   However before stressing out and before the unthinkable happens, give BTInet a call.  With our data center located in North Dakota, away from earthquakes, hurricanes and other catastrophes, we ensure you that your IT will be safe with us.

Sometimes it takes a disaster to happen to get the message across to companies – don’t be in that percentage – it’s not too late to start one today!