Web Application Firewall

CaptureWAF stand for Web Application Firewall. This protects vital web applications from possible exploit by hackers. This appliance protects many applications, including Outlook Web Access, SharePoint, Oracle, FTP, XML and SOA, as well as custom applications within the environment.

WAF is very easy to deploy and configure – once this is done all management is done via the web-based management interface.

Highlighted features of the WAF include:

  • Protection against Distributed Denial of Service — mitigates DDoS attacks via client IP reputation intelligence, slow client attack prevention, brute force attack prevention and follow up action.
  • Data Loss Prevention — inspects all outbound Web traffic for content such as credit card and Social Security numbers, preventing confidential or sensitive data loss.
  • Expanded Application Security Coverage — leverages its shared security policy infrastructure to expand security coverage beyond critical systems, allowing it to be deployed in a variety of segregated networks to protect against advanced threats such as Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) and HTTP Parameter Pollution.

Where is your Data Center?

Data Center Image

Do you know where your servers data center is? Could they be in a broom closet? Here at BTInet we can reassure you that our servers are safe with us in our Tier IV Data Center.

Owning our data centers rather than leasing space in other companies’ data centers gives us total control over all aspects of their operation. Our primary data center is located in our headquarters building in Bismarck, North Dakota with a secondary data center located in Beulah, North Dakota. Being located in the Midwest, our data centers are unaffected by natural disasters (hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc.) that affect many other data centers. We have private fiber connectivity between our data centers, so we don’t have to rely on external carriers for replication of data between data centers.

Our primary data center has been designed to avoid any single point of failure. All carriers are connected via multiple fiber optic rings, which enter the data center at diverse entry points and provide total communications redundancy. Multiple core routers, firewalls and switches have redundant components and network interfaces. Our power system is designed with redundancy from the equipment to the street. Equipment with redundant power supplies are fed by separate circuits, which are connected to separate PDUs, that are fed by separate UPSes that are fed from separate transformers. In the unlikely event of complete power loss to the building, all equipment would instantaneously fail over to our UPS system until our backup diesel generators begin providing power indefinitely. BTInet’s redundant HVAC system is also supported by the backup power system, ensuring that the data center temperature and climate are always appropriately maintained, even in the event of a power failure.

Our data center is monitored 24 hours-a-day, and is cardkey controlled to allow access only to authorized personnel. After regular business hours, access to the floor and wing of the building where the data center resides is also restricted to authorized personnel. All entries/exits are logged in our internal security department, and BTInet security staff regularly patrol the data center during non-business hours.

BTInet does not allow physical access to the server, but does provide customers with full administrative and console level access.

Questions? Please give us a call and see what we can do for you!


How do you choose a Web Hosting Company?

Go ahead, ‘Google’  Web Hosting Company on your computer right now.  Do you see numerous companies listed?  How do you choose?  Whether your website is for personal or professional use, there are a few key things you need to take into account before you pick a host.  If the site is going to be utilized for a SMB or Enterprise business you may need to think about server hosting instead. 

Here are a few tips on what to consider when choosing a web hosting provider:web

  •         Do you want a domain name
  •         Email accounts
  •         Storage and transfer storage
  •         Payment features
  •         Auto-responder for email communication
  •         24/7 support
  •         SPAM filtering and Virus Scanning
  •         Backups


Create a list of things that you absolutely need.  Most companies can customize to your needs.  Match up your list to potential hosting sites then choose a good website hosting company that can customize to your needs and has support for you.  Don’t let yourself just be another number to that company. 

Reduce Your Costs and Control Operating Expenses

One of the major benefits of having BTInet hosts your IT solutions: Reduce Your Costs and Control Operating Expenses

Businesses will spend 25% to 50% LESS outsourcing IT over the cost of even a single full-time employee. Additional cost savings are realized since recruiting, training, vacation, sick days, turnover and other management issues are all taken out of the equation. When utilizing a company such as BTInet, costs are budgeted, fixed and controlled.

If you are facing IT challenges, in transition, or need to focus on your business, you should consider working with BTInet. The following are just a few of the benefits you will experience from outsourcing:

  • Reduced costs
  • Technical expertise with an emphasis on business-value
  • Predictable costs for guaranteed service
  • Proactive monitoring to minimize interruptions
  • Available when you need us (24×7×365)
  • On-premise and cloud solutions
  • Availability Anywhere. Anytime. Any Device.

New Picture (3)

Coming Soon…….Cyber Monday


Are you ready?  BTInet is ready.

During the holidays the one thing every business forgets to account for is the influx of traffic, and then costly bandwidth overage charges.  Planning ahead is the key to a profitable Cyber Monday. 


Here are a few things that you can get started on:

1.  Get your website in tip-top shape – is everything accurate and up-to-date.  Fix any broken links or images.  Can your current server handle the overload?  Shoppers are using their phones to shop so please consider your mobile strategy carefully.

2.  Install better SSL security – 99% of shoppers use either credit cards or debit cards to purchase their transaction.  Give them the confidence that your site is ready for them.  Check out our SSL options today!

3.  Line up your marketing – SEO is very important.  Update any keywords for better search engine optimization and estimate a budget for paid search.  Make sure your site is secure for customers and make sure they know that by adding the sealed imagine of the security you have.

4.  Build buzz with social media – Don’t forget to use holiday promotions into your social media sites.  Customers are likely to share your promotion and discount offers to their family and friends.  It is a great and easy way to bring traffic to your site! 

Not exactly sure what you need for your company?  Not to worry, give our sales department a call and we can customize a solution just for you!



How often should I backup?

New Picture (2)An important question to ask when setting up your data disaster plan in place is “how often should I backup?” 

Some backups are usually performed during weekends as they usually take up several hours to an afternoon or even an entire day to accomplish depending on the size of your library of data and your network connection’s speed. Once your company’s data is all backed up your backup time will reduce dramatically. 

Data backup and recovery is crucial element any given business to ensure both the productivity and the security of a company’s data infrastructure.  To learn more about BTInet’s Managed Backups or our Disaster Prevention Plan, please give our sales department a call.

IT Security Threats

Security is a hot topic in all businesses.  The risks are constantly changing and it can be difficult for business owner to identify and create a flexible and defensive plan while taking care of core business functions.

The following are identified threats that most IT environments fall into.

  • Virusesthreat
  • Worms
  • Trojan Horses
  • Rootkits
  • Spam
  • Spyware
  • Hacker


BTInet can help you detect and assess security threats with our Vulnerability Scanning Services.

  •       Identify security threats such as vulnerabilities, misconfiguration and malware exposure
  •       Conduct a complete assessment of your entire physical and virtual IT infrastructure including networks, operating systems, web applications and databases
  •       Validate the threats identified that pose a real risk in your environment



Don’t be left in the dark and have to try to deal with these threats.  BTInet can cover and protect you as we are always up-to-date on the newest threats and how to protect against their potential risks.