Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up a Website

With an abundant number of websites out on the internet, many are doomed to fail.  Why?  Inexperience webmasters make little basic mistakes that undermine the essentials for success.  To help you with not being under the failed statistics, the following are a few of the common website pitfalls.

No Brand
What is a brand?  It is a symbol representing a defined vision.  You may have a great idea for you site, but no clear focus.
Weak Domain Name
The most important element of your brand is the domain name.  This is what visitors use to access the site and your first impression.  This should be simple, short and memorable.
No Targeted Niche
Inexperienced webmasters try to build websites to cater all.  Although this may sound good, it rarely works.
Delayed SEO
Search engine optimization is the blood of websites.  By using proper optimized and formatted templates this will ensure all site elements are present and properly configured.
Impractical Layout
The websites layout is the most important element of usability.  A good layout will be pleasing, readable, consistent, streamlined and fast.
Broken Links
Links are the backbone of the site’s navigation system and are a crucial component of SEO.
Slow Pages
The attention span has been a consistent theme – speed is crucial!
No Social Media Integration
Social media is a major component of the modern web experience.  The consumer expects it, if they don’t see it; it gives the impression or being unprofessional and inadequate.


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